Navigating the unknown: how to sell on social media

In 1977, the two Voyager space probes were launched. One was sent towards Jupiter, and the other towards Saturn. On board both were the Golden Records.

The Golden Records had information about us. Music and photos and insight - all the information aliens might need if they wanted to get in touch. In 2012, Voyager 1 entered interstellar space. It's been further than anything mankind has ever made. And the Golden Record is still on board.

We have no idea if it'll ever be seen again - let alone if any aliens will ever use it to find us. All there is to do is wait.

Today, it seems crazy that we could put information "out there" and maybe one day someone would be in touch. But why? We still do it every day.

Today's Golden Records

Look at social media. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Tweets are tweeted, Facebook posts are posted, and LinkedIn updates are updated. That's a lot of information we're sending out, floating around "out there". And we have no idea if it'll ever be seen - let alone if we'll ever hear back. It's especially tough for businesses, who are relying on more than just a dopamine hit from their status updates.

The content you share with followers, customers, and prospects really needs to count. And unlike the Golden Records, there's no time to wait. When it comes to social selling, you need to know the information you're sending out is finding someone who can use it.

Making contact

A lot goes into a good social selling strategy. It starts with having a strong personal brand (you can make a really good start with your personal brand by following the advice in our 5-minute guide). But once you've got a professional photo and a curated stream of great content, you've got to make sure you're reaching the right people with the right messages.

You need to target, understand, and engage your customers.

On LinkedIn, Sales Navigator does just that - it's the best version of the social network for salespeople. It helps you track important contacts, recommends leads, and lets you harness the combined reach of your entire network. But when it comes time to reach out to the prospects and customers you've found, PointDrive adds even more value.



Get your content together. PointDrive puts your content into a magazine-style message that looks good on any device. From there, you can broadcast on all known frequencies.





Send it to the right people. With PointDrive, you're not sending information "out there". Beam all your research and insights from Sales Navigator into PointDrive, and know the right content reaches the right people.








Track its success. PointDrive will track which content your prospect has read, so you can pinpoint what they're interested in. It'll even tell you who they've sent it on to in their organisation, so you can confidently venture onwards.






We've come a long way since 1977. And the Golden Records may never be discovered by an alien species. But at least your prospects' organisations no longer have to be a great unknown.

Make sure what you're putting out there is reaching the right people, with Sales Navigator and PointDrive. Find out more here.

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