Six reasons you’ll love Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure


You know the feeling you get when you find a customer or partner you know you can do great things with? We do. We've got it right now. 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust the Microsoft cloud. That's a lot of really great relationships.

But we think we've found our perfect match. Citrix has nearly 30 years' experience delivering virtual desktops and apps to enterprises. And like any great team, together, we can do more. And we're excited to get started. So we wanted to share half a dozen ways the Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud partnership can help your business - and your customers.

1. Grow your business

Public cloud services are on the up. In fact, from 2016 to 2020, it's predicted that the market will grow by 83% . You can compete in this market with a wider range of exciting services and solutions. Our new partnership can help.

2. Make the most of Microsoft Azure

The number one reason customers trial Microsoft Azure is to get Citrix Cloud up and running. Azure is built for Citrix Cloud - and plenty of other services and solutions, so you can make sure your offering is the best it can be.

3. Free up your customers

Privacy is built in to Azure, which is why so many desktops and apps are being moved there. But with Xenapp Essentials, XenApp Service, XenDesktop service and Citrix Cloud, your customers can get to their Windows apps from Azure on any device. Then, they're free to work however, and wherever, they like.

4. Make a difference to desktops

Deploying your Windows 10 desktops in Azure using the XenDesktop Service gives a first, best experience to your users. Combined with discounts through the Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances available from Microsoft, it is the most cost effective way to put your Windows 10 desktops in the cloud, and have a high-performance desktop they can get to securely from any device.

5. Make hybrid IT happen

Loads of companies have got a hybrid IT strategy. But plenty don't know where to start with putting it into action. With your support, and the advice of two industry experts in partnership together, they'll have an easier time moving services to the cloud, and managing their complex hybrid IT.

6. Look out for extra profits

With a good solid foundation from our partnership, you're free to add new services to your offering. We'll take care of the technical side of things, and you can make sure you're delivering great service to your customers.

Citrix offers choice for customers in how to consume the service based on need, including the XenApp Essentials and XenDesktop Essentials offerings via the Azure Marketplace for simpler, quick needs all the way up to the full sized Citrix Workspace Service offerings with Azure workloads to handle the most complex use cases on earth.

With all the benefits of our partnership, you can find your perfect match, too. Move customers to the cloud faster, and with less risk. Build flexible IT and tweak solutions and apps as they need them. And sell extra value-added services around your main portfolio. Become your customers' perfect match with Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure. For more information, contact our Partner Concierge team. 

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