Black Marble brings Digital Transformation to the Enterprise

By Black Marble, Microsoft Inspire 2017 Headline Sponsor 


At Black Marble, we're proud to be a Microsoft Partner, to hold 5 Gold Competencies, as well as the accolade of one of the few UK HoloLens Readiness Agencies. Our pioneering team can bring your projects to life, making digital transformation a reality: for you, your business and your customers.


Over the past few years, we have taken advantage of the breadth of the Universal Windows Platform, and our host of talented developers, to create a solution that makes a real difference for frontline policing: in short, we use coding to catch criminals.


Our mobile law enforcement, enterprise-grade, application, tuServ brings police officers together and crime scenes to life in previously unthought of ways. Built on the Universal Windows Platform, tuServ provides officers with access to data assets - including witness statements, decision logs and crime scene footage - from their Windows 10 devices, removing dependency on paper-based systems and location-based briefings. As a result, officers dedicate their time to policing - not paperwork.


Currently in use with multiple UK police forces, they use tuServ to help them respond to incidents, process suspects and capture evidence at previously unattainable speeds. It is also currently in trial internationally, in a completely cloud-based environment. But we think we can do more. And with HoloLens we've found a way to take policing to a whole new mixed reality.


tuServ already enables police forces to change the way in which they tackle crime, but with HoloLens we saw a game-changing opportunity. This includes:


  • Creating portable Command & Control Centres that fit in a back-pack
  • Interacting with a full-sized Event Dashboard - freeing them from screen-size restrictions
  • Synchronising multiple HoloLens devices whilst authenticating, and displaying data relevant to, each user's clearance level
  • Creating a 3D Mesh that records a crime scene and combines it with tuServ data for a fully immersive, interactive environment
  • Excluding objects from the mesh that obscure an officer's ability to establish weapon trajectory or the movement of victims and suspects.


Current feedback is that tuServ and HoloLens together break new ground globally in using mixed reality to fight real-life crime:


"HoloLens and tuServ will reduce cross contamination issues and allow investigators to visualise major crime scenes in real-time. The vision and innovation of Black Marble is ground-breaking, I look forward to taking this forward on behalf of policing in the UK and worldwide." Superintendent Nicholas Lyall, Bedfordshire Constabulary.


But this isn't just about policing - we can bring the same innovative approach to bear on your business needs. To find out more, please get in touch with our Business Development Manager for UWP and HoloLens, Hannah Ackroyd.


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