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By Mark Davies – Westcoast Cloud Director

So as we have just come to the end of our first full year of transacting CSP seats with partners we can look back with a real sense of pride in what has been achieved. Over 72,000 seats have been successfully put onto Office 365 and a range of other services such as CRM, EMS and Azure transacted through over 300 partners.

We set out at the beginning of the year to ensure that we have a more focused partner engagement. This approach has meant that we have been able to work more closely with the partners that have signed up with Westcoast to help them win more opportunities and build a better cloud business with our support.

Reducing Licensing Headache and Complexity

Partners are able to utilise our 24/7 support as well as teams who are experts in their area. They are able to leverage specialist licensing teams that are currently supporting over £100 million of business through Microsoft. This means that both the partner and the customer gets the right license type for their businesses. This peace of mind means that we can take that licensing headache and complexity away from the partner and allow them to focus on providing the best solution to the customer, which is ultimately what we are all trying to achieve.

Flexibility For You

Our dedicated CSP team are some of the most experienced people in the cloud industry. Their approach to working with partners is to combine this extensive knowledge with a broader technical understanding to enable a wider suite of services to be sold. Office 365 is a door opening service and attaching other vendors to deliver a full solution to the customer has been their focus. Communication services such as Skype for Business and collaboration solutions Yammer and SharePoint are ripe for either professional services or complimentary 3rd party vendors to be added. These can all be delivered through our fully automated marketplace which you as a partner can control, or we can for you. It's completely flexible depending on your requirements.

Building Your Profitable Business

We have also travelled the length of the country (twice!) visiting multiple locations with our education programme Nebula. This programme set out to give partners a broader understanding of digital marketing, lead generation, online training and how to build a better, more profitable cloud business, all for free. We aren't stopping there though. The team will be at Microsoft WPC 2016 in Toronto and will be delighted to meet you there to talk about what we are doing in more depth. We’ll also on the road again in September for our next range of topics and discussions with a more in depth focus on other Microsoft services such as CRM, EMS and Azure which will be a bigger part of our focus for this year.
Westcoast nebula
If you want to create more value around your cloud offering to your customers, and want to work with a partner that really understands the market, but also the solutions that are available, then we'll be happy to show you how we've done it with 300+ partners already. Cloud services are here to stay. If you do them already, then let us help you broaden those services out, if you haven't started then we can help you get started on that journey. No other partner in the UK has more experience in working with partners to build a cloud practise that is truly scalable and most importantly, doesn't compete with you.

To find out more about Westcoast Cloud please visit our website or contact our dedicated Cloud Team on 0333 003 1701 or email us via

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