WPC Guest Blog: 4 ways to make the most of your trip

Shaun McKay

Shaun McKay, Leading Edge

With only a few weeks to go before WPC, we caught up with Shaun McKay from Leading Edge, for his view on why attending WPC is a vital part of his business schedule each year.

We have been a Microsoft partner for around 14 years now and made the decision to attend our first WPC around 6 years ago, as we were struggling slightly with Microsoft being such a big company and really wanted to make some contacts with Microsoft to help us to grow the business. We have attended every year since then and see it as a great investment for our business, usually sending myself and another member of our business.

WPC offers many benefits for our business, but if I had to summarise it into 4 key factors as to why you should attend they would be:

Understanding Microsoft’s business strategy.

Attending WPC enables us to see where the market is going and seeing what Microsoft’s strategic moves are, enables us to start forming our business plan for the upcoming year, knowing that we are on the right track with the market and up to date with new technologies. Our recent successful strategies have been a direct result of being in tune with Microsoft’s vision.

Making contacts at Microsoft

Microsoft is a really large company and it can sometimes be tricky to find the right person to help your business. WPC is a great event to meet with lots of different Microsoft contacts from different backgrounds – whether that be from a technical or marketing background – and this ensures we are having all the right conversations to make the most value out of our partnership.

Connecting with other Microsoft Partners

WPC is a great opportunity to connect with other Partners and share stories with each other. You often find yourself sharing successes and struggles with each other and coming out with a solution for your business challenges or getting tips on how you can grow and develop your own business on the back of hearing success stories from Partners similar to yourself. On the back of attending WPC we have often helped other partners to deliver their solutions and vice versa. In fact, we have developed some very close partnerships with companies that we met at WPC that we would previously have viewed as competitors.

Social elements

In addition to the business benefits, it’s great to get to know Microsoft and other Partners on a social level, meeting new people in the industry and sharing good ideas without being in the confines of an office environment – sometimes this is where the best ideas happen.

For those of you who have registered, my top tip for now is to start planning your agenda – start looking at the session scheduler and connecting with partners and Microsoft to arrange lots of networking sessions to get the most value out of the event.

For those of you who haven’t registered, make sure you register soon as hotel spaces will fill up fast and the price will only go up!

We’re really looking forward to attending WPC again this year and look forward to meeting you all out in Toronto.

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