6 great reasons for your customers to buy or upgrade to SQL Server 2016

Every business of every size has one thing in common, and that is its data, possibly its most valuable asset. With SQL Server 2016 available from 1st June, now is the time to talk to both your customer BDMs and ITDMs and help them understand how they can use their data to achieve business growth. Here are a few talking point to help get you started.

1: Benefit from the cloud with hybrid cloud scenarios for faster backups, disaster recovery and reduced operational costs. Stretch Database for example helps customers keep more of their historical data at their fingertips but reduces storage costs.

 2: Use the most secure & least vulnerable database. Always Encrypted protects data both at rest and in motion.  This unique encryption capability also enables customers to stretch their database into Azure while retaining their encryption key on-prem, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios that are unmatched.

3: Enjoy ground-breaking performance and scale as evidenced by the #1 performance benchmarks for the most mission critical workloads and analytics, plus everyday operations which are just faster.   

4: Get a cost-effective, comprehensive BI solution with the only end-to-end mobile BI solution in the market that doesn't require the customer to pay for each named user.  1,000 to 8,000 users can be stood up on 8 cores, delivering a comprehensive BI solution at a fraction of the cost of Tableau and Qliktech.

 5: Have THE fastest In-Memory technology on the planet across workloads.  10x faster than Oracle’s In-Memory solution, 13x faster than a leading pure in-memory database called MemSQL and 1.5X faster than SAP HANA!

 6: Enable mission critical intelligent applications, which can deliver real-time operational intelligence by combining in-database advanced analytics (in R) and in-memory technology without having to copy/move the data or impact application performance. This is a first in the industry!

So SQL Server really does have 'everything built-in' providing industry-leading TCO (12x saving relative to Oracle) and Microsoft is the recognised industry leader with Gartner Magic Quadrant leadership in Operational DBMS (ahead of Oracle, IBM and SAP), BI and Analytics and Data Warehousing

To find out more, sign up for the SQL Server 2016 for SMBs on 17th June and take a look at the resources available to help you and your customers.

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