GoDigital Marketing Series

Across the 3 sessions we will be addressing all aspects of digital marketing, including how to get buy in from the rest of your company as we talk about marketing moving from a cost centre, to a revenue generator.

Session 1 – Learn

What is digital marketing and why is it so important? Take a look at the Cloud buyers journey and how to align your marketing efforts to this journey.

View session 1 here

Session 2 – Plan

Understand the different types of marketing, and how they align to the various stages of the Cloud buyers journey including the differences between acquisition vs nurture.

View session 2 here

Week 3 – Take Action

This session will look at measuring results and adapting campaigns as you go, including a deep dive on Microsoft’s lead generation tool Pinpoint

View session 3 here

As part of this series, we will also be covering:

  • Social Content Syndication Resources
  • Pinpoint Marketplace
  • Smart Partner Marketing
  • ModernBiz Hub
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