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The demands of customers are evolving, with more businesses adopting cloud and mobile solutions than ever before. Together we have successfully helped customers move to technologies that enable them to drive down costs, build a more secure business environment and realise their boldest ambitions.

The opportunity for cloud is undeniable. According to IDC research, “Greater Cloud Spending” will exceed $500B by 2020*. By that same timeframe less than 10%* of customers will be running on premise only infrastructure. To capture the cloud opportunity, we all need to look ahead and reimagine our business together. As an important step in this evolution, we are simplifying the Microsoft Partner Network programme so that we can all focus our energy and investments on building our cloud practices together with you to meet growing customer demand.

After taking a hard look at the existing competency portfolio, we’ve identified 12 competencies that will be mainstreamed into the core cloud business to further strengthen the value we collectively deliver. As a result, these competencies are being phased out.

Gavriella Schuster, General Manager, Microsoft Partner Network, explains the programme strategy in her latest blog

We want to share this news with you and our reasons behind it. We recognize that it may be difficult for some partners to respond to this transition as it could require changes and additional investments. The schedule for the competency changes is designed to give partners enough time to transform their business and build new practices in the cloud.

Retiring Competencies

Customer Relationship Management

Devices and Deployment

Digital Advertising



Identity and Access

Intelligent Systems


Midmarket Solutions Provider


Software Asset Management

Volume Licensing

MPN Evolution Resources

The MPN Evolution page includes information on each of the competencies that are being retired from the Microsoft portfolio. We encourage you to visit the page for more information, including FAQs, transition timelines and the latest news.

Key Dates: Please make note of these important dates:

July 30, 2016: Last day to sign up for a retiring competency. We will no longer accept new membership enrolments for retiring competencies beginning July 31, 2016.

October 30, 2016: Last day to renew a retiring competency. You must renew the retiring competency on or before your anniversary date or by October 30, 2016. We will no longer accept renewals for retiring competencies beginning October 31, 2016. View your Anniversary Date on the Partner Membership Center.

January 31, 2018: The competencies officially retire.

Webinar - MPN Changes Explained

To help you understand the transition, please watch this webinar, where I talk you through these changes, understand how we will support you through the transition and empower your business growth for the future.

We value your partnership through this important evolution and look forward to your continued engagement in building our businesses together.

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