Sprint to the Finish Incentive

You can earn more from your cloud sales with our new Sprint to the Finish incentive offer. To help you gain traction with our cloud offerings we have created an incentive programme for our partners.

We've recently launched some new global channel incentives, providing you with the opportunity when you sell selected SKUs of Office 365 or CRM Online before 30th June 2016 to earn up to $10,000 on Office 365 and $100,000 on CRM Online. There's never been a better time to identify opportunities to sell multiple cloud services to customers.

These global Sprint to the Finish offers have been designed to reward you for customer adds, customer use of cloud services, selling premium SKUs, and cross selling new cloud services.

Office 365

Earn up to $50 cashback per seat* - Think Office 365 first. Whether selling through Open or CSP, the more you sell the more you earn - and a higher payment is made for premium SKUs. Just ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, you're the Partner of Record and your customer's using the product.

*Maximum pay out $10k. View eligibility criteria, terms and conditions here

Customer Relationship Management Online (CRMOL)

Get $120 Cashback per seat* - Sell CRMOL (either through Open or CSP)and make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and you can earn up to $120 per seat.

*Maximum pay out $100k. View eligibility criteria, terms and conditions here

All offers end on 30 June 2016. They provide a significant opportunity to earn additional rewards. To make the most of these offers, please take the following steps:

1) For Cashback claims you need to ensure you have registered: The portal for registration is open between 1 March and 1 June

2) You need to be named as the Partner of Record for any qualifying SKUs – find out how this works

3) Customers should be using the products: use the Partner Cloud Services dashboard to manage customer activation and usage. Instructions. User Guide.

4) Join our webinar on 21st March to find out more about these incentives

Please note if you are a managed reseller, please contact your Microsoft PSE for more information on other the incentives that are available to you.

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