The SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Opportunity

If SQL Server is something you talk to your customers about, then please ensure April 12th 2016 is marked on your and their calendars.

This is when support for SQL Server 2005 ends, and conversations about upgrading to SQL Server 2016 should start (if they haven’t already!)

What does end of support mean for your customers’ SQL environment?

  • No security updates – creates risk for business interruptions
  • Higher maintenance costs – for legacy hardware, firewalls, intrusion systems
  • Compliance concerns – unable to achieve regulatory standards or risk penalties

Help your customers plan, budget and execute a smooth upgrade. Learn more about the upgrade opportunity and resources available to you via this ondemand webinar and download the SQL Server 2005 EOS Bill of Partner Sales & Marketing Materials and SQL Server EOS and Modernisation Opportunity guide.

Why should your customers upgrade their SQL Server?

SQL Server has evolved considerably since 2005:

  • 2008 had integrated data management, enhanced business intelligence capabilities and award-winning analytics.
  • 2012 built on this with a new standard for mission critical databases and cloud-ready technologies.
  • 2014 progressed further with high performance, in-Memory technology enabling 30x faster transactions, 100x query performance gains and hybrid backup and disaster recovery.
  • 2016 will be the biggest leap forward in Microsoft’s data platform history with breakthrough mission critical performance, deeper insights across any data on many devices and enables the power of hyperscale cloud to unlock new hybrid scenarios.

Help your customers identify instances running SQL Server 2005, and where the dependencies are, and target the applications for upgrade. 

Download the below assets to help begin these conversations:

SQL 2005 EOS Campaign Bill of Materials.pptx

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