Starting out with the Internet of Things!

Interested in the Internet of Things and how your business can get involved and start making money? First port of call is this rather useful blog post – IoT on the Fasttrack by Barb Edson, Microsoft General Manager, Marketing, Cloud and Enterprise. 

Once you've read that, we've developed a series of training modules to help you understand Microsoft’s point-of-view on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology trend. Through the training, you’ll understand how Microsoft communicates its POV on the Internet of Your Things to enterprise line-of-business decision makers, how you can best capitalise on IoT as an intelligent systems competency partner, and how to drive preference for our devices and services, and your solutions.

Lastly, the course will guide you through the resources available today to help you engage with enterprise customers.

These new courses will have an associated assessment available late September which will be mandatory for partners wanting to attain the Intelligent Systems competency through MPN.

Here's how to access the Microsoft Partner Learning path:
1. Go to: and sign in.
2. Then click on the “Training” tab
3. Next, select “Learning paths”

For Pre-sales Technical Specialist and Sales Specialist training:
4. Under the “MPN Competency”, expand Business Applications
5. Select Intelligent Systems
6. Then select Pre-Sales Specialist OR Sales Specialist (depending on your role)
7. Finally, select the appropriate course……and begin.

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