(Guest Blog) Westcoast: A Cloud in the Channel

Westcoast has been dedicated to distribution through the channel for three decades now. With the retraction of Small Business Server leaving a void for most of our customers dealing in the SMB market. Cloud has been rising in its place, we’ve all seen the numbers “worth this billion worldwide” and “that percentage of the market by this futuristic year”. I won’t bore you (or myself) with the market research, it is out there and the forecast is: there is a good chance of cloud!

While a lot of customers are opting for Office 365, this offering is not a suitable for all end users and more and more of our partners are looking for different cloud solutions to offer their customers. SPLA  enables resellers to set up their own hosted solutions, but not all customers have the capability of setting up a data centre from where to offer cloud services.

Sometimes the term “cloud” is about a tangible as the white fluffy stuff in the skies, but in this business, this is what we see as “cloud” in the IT world:

  • Cloud Computing is a set of capabilities to answer to a business problem
  • Cloud Computing is an on demand business model for IT provision and operation
  • Cloud Computing is about agility, elasticity, and better aligning resources to changing business needs

WestcoastCloud is set up and established to enable the resellers to resell cloud services through our channel only cloud solution. The channel is a powerful tool and selling cloud services should be no different than selling software and hardware through our VARs. Resellers can sign up to WestcoastCloud and can then white label the services to their end customers in a  customisable portal that our resellers are highly complementary  on its ease of use!

The WestcoastCloud is the third pillar in our cloud offerings and compliments our Microsoft vendor offering in Office 365, as well as our reseller hosted licensing program through SPLA, this makes Westcoast unique as a distributor in that you can get all your cloud requirements from just one place.

What makes this offer more compelling is this is a reseller cloud enablement program. The WestcoastCloud has been set up solely to enable our reseller base to be able to offer cloud services on a through channel model. WestcoastCloud is cloud reseller brand for you to white label the services available from our platform and sell them as your own cloud solution. We have a UK data centre with HP converged Infrastructure and the initial product line up consists of Exchange Mailboxes, Lync and SharePoint site collections but this will rapidly expand to cover the cloud offerings our resellers want for their customers, including IaaS.

Once you are a WestcoastCloud partner, you will be able to log onto the platform on a generic website. You will be able to on board your end user, purchase services for them and act as their IT in allocating these services to the users as well as providing first line support, managed services, migration services and other add on projects for your customer. You can then bill your customers monthly for the services they consume, all this on your existing distributor credit lines.
To sign up to the WestcoastCloud, go to www.westcoastcloud.co.uk

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