Partner Support Number Changes and Call Routing Guidance

We’ve recently made changes to the Partner Services phone experience, with the goal to make it as clear and simple as possible, ensuring that you select the right option and access the right service first time.

With this in mind, please find below updated call routing options based on your membership level and support requirement..

Please also note:

  • The main number has changed to 0344 800 6006 which means that your call will now likely be part of any inclusive minutes provided with phone packages.
  • As well as Technical Support and Tech Pre-Sales & Advisory Services, you can submit requests online for membership questions, devices and channel incentives. Don’t forget to check out our online communities for solutions too!

Where to go for

Membership Level


Additional Information

Cloud Services

All levels


Phone 0344 800 6006: Option 1

For technical support, Admins should submit their request via the Microsoft Online Portal.


Signature Cloud Support - Partners submitting a technical support request on behalf of your customer, please open this in your own Partner tenant. This ensures you are routed to your dedicated technical support team.

On-premise Technical Support

All levels

Gold / Silver / Action pack receive 5 incidents

Community Partners will need to purchase a PPI (pay-per-incident)

Search for solutions or submit a request online (Click the view or use benefits button). Access ID and Contract ID are required.

Phone 0344 800 6006: Option 2


Business Critical support cases can only be raised by phone. Partners without the Business Critical support benefit can purchase 24x7 support incidents. More info.


Products & Licensing Questions

All levels


Phone 0344 800 6006: Option 3

MPN Membership or Program Questions

All levels

Search, ask or submit your questions online:

Eligible to Gold / Silver / Action Pack Partners only:

Phone 0344 800 6006: Option 4

Technical Pre-Sales & Advisory Services

Partners with Advisory Hours

Submit a request online (click the view or use benefits button or

Phone 0844 800 6006: Option 5

All Partners can buy advisory hours, sold in units of 5 hours at £615 and are valid for 1 year. Email: 

Product Activation

All levels

Phone 0844 800 6006: Option 6

Licensing Consumption Reports

Open Value/Select/EA License Requests

Send your requests to your Microsoft account representative. Once the report has been generated your Microsoft account representative will send the report to you.

Required Information for obtaining a Consumption Report:

  • Approval from the customer on company headed paper (scanned copy is acceptable)
  • PCN (Public Customer Number) – Please provide all PCN numbers for the customers and note that some customers may have multiple PCNs
  • Business Address including Post Code for last 3 company addresses
  • Company name (and other trading names that licenses may be under)

If you do not have a Microsoft Account Representative and require an Open Value/Select/EA license consumption report you can email the Volume License Service Centre or call 0800 9179016

Comments (9)

  1. Why is this information so hard to find says:

    This should be a very obvious link from your main partner site yet I can only find it by Googling the phone number!!!

    This is a bit hard when you do not know the phone number!!!

    Your customers would like to speak to you occasionally !!

  2. Why is this information so hard to find x2 says:

    I just wasted a day trying to get info like this

  3. alex says:

    Thanks for comments. We will be referencing this blog post on the homepage of the portal going forward. So should be more accessible.

  4. Sanjay Mittal says:

    Why would you change from free number to a 10p per minute charged number? it used to be a 0800 free number and now it cost 10p a minute with an average wait time of 20 minutes. Bit greedy isn’t.

  5. Jen Stirrup says:

    I called this number, but I was told that it is only for Technical Pre-sales and licensing? Has it changed since then? The agent re-routed me to the right place, but I got the impression that happens a lot.

  6. Steven Spray says:

    I’ve always just had tremendous tribulations calling MS in general. More often than not, there’d be no option available for me to choose, relevant to my particular query/issue at the time. I then have no choice but to choose the closest one. Then, holding
    for hours (literally!) only to be told the department I’m at cannot help me and then being transferred to yet another incorrect department. I really get despondent at the prospect of phoning MS

  7. Anonymous says:

    Support Number Changes have now been updated – please see this blog post for the latest contact numbers

  8. Graham says:

    I too have found that the first option is incorrect and they know nothing of Cloud Signiture Support. [tag:fail] from Microsoft. Very disappointing.

  9. alex says:

    I’m at cannot help me and then being transferred to yet another incorrect department. I really get despondent at the prospect of phoning MS

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