New Microsoft One SMB 'It Takes Less' Campaign – Access Partner 'To Customer' Sales and Marketing


The One SMB campaign has been built following feedback from Partners like yourself.

In order to allow our SMB customers to understand the full potential of Microsoft technology we need to break down the product messaging, address their business challenges and make it simple to understand how Microsoft technology can make a big difference to their business success. 

We heard from partners that SMB customers say its the small features of our products that make a big difference, but often we miss this core message and confuse customers with product led marketing in an inconsistent format.  The One SMB campaign is built around the challenges and needs of our SMB customers, helping customers to understand how they can achieve more with Microsoft technology.  By using case studies, videos and other content which has been generated by our SMB customers today, we are able to influence, encourage and earn the trust we need from the SMB community to win their business.

Microsoft has created the One SMB "It takes less" campaign to educate our customers of the benefits of new technology and how this can address the common business challenges that they face every day. By sharing stories and feedback from those businesses who have already made the change and reaped the rewards we will encourage SMBs to find out for themselves by taking up FREE trails or purchase options. 

Access partner sales and marketing assets (Playbook, Banners, Email, Copy blocks, Signature) and Event Resources (Posters, Email, Pull-ups)

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