Help develop the standards that will define new Apprenticeships

Microsoft is part of a steering group of employers working to develop the standards that will define new Apprenticeships in line with the Government’s drive to develop Apprenticeships that better meet employer needs.

The next phase is to develop alternative models to fund the delivery of these standards. On 4 March the government announced its latest funding consultation.

The key differences to the existing model are that:

  • Providers will be paid directly by employers for both training and assessment NOT by the government as is currently the case
  • Employers will receive or be credited by the government for a portion of these costs
  • Employers will be required to report to government to account for the funding.

We are keen to encourage as many employers of IT professionals as possible to view and comment on this critical phase of the reforms.

The full consultation including proposed models can be found here. Have your say in how we shape the UK’s future IT professional workforce!

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