Sales Specialist and Pre-sales Technical Specialist Bonanza week – Winners announced!

Last week, we announced we were giving away a brand new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone to every third person who passed an eligible accreditation and entered into our competition.

Thanks to everyone's hard work we can announce that we have 40 lucky winners! Congratulations to:

Adam Best
Alastair Ralph
Alexander Dalglish
Andrew Gill
Andrew Platts
Andrew Tomlins
Ashley Lukas
Chris Clark
Clare Jenkins
Daniel Baird
Daniel Britton
Daniel Hawkins
Dave Hodges
David Bell
Dimitar Miriyski
Gerard Wilkinson
Jagannathan Sridharan
James Frost
Jerry Catallo
John Askey
Laura Walton
Laurence Evans
Mark Davies
Matt Quinn
Matt Southon
Matthew Lamb
Nathaniel Hazlett
Paul Merry
Paul Nicholson
Peter Stensones
Pieter Veenstra
Richard Gibbons
Rob Burgess
Rupert Walmsley
Sacha Tomey
Sarah Lewis
Stephen Piercy
Steven Clare
Stuart Anderson
Stuart James

If you've sent us your address, you'll receive your new phone next week. If you haven't, check your inbox!

We've got even more great competitions and prizes in the run up to the end of June, so stay tuned!

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