Free eBook: “Bringing UK government into the cloud”

Communicating the value of the cloud to non-technical readers can be a challenge. You have to strike a balance between demonstrating the value of the cloud and bogging the reader down in the details. The packaging matters too – it’s got to be clean, visually stimulating and a quick read.

Maybe you’re looking for a resource to help sceptical public sector clients see the value of cloud tools. Maybe you’re looking for a handy way to package together great case studies and cloud adoption advice in one place. Or maybe you need a little refresher yourself on all the different ways Microsoft Cloud services can help public sector clients..

Whatever the reason; we’ve got you covered. Our new eBook, “Bringing UK government into the cloud,” is a free, concise, easy-to-use resource for leaders across the UK public sector.

This free e-book aims to help customers understand:

  • How public sector organisations are already taking advantage of cloud tools
  • How moving to the cloud can help organisations save money and improve services
  • How to build a business case for using cloud tools
  • How to clear up common misconceptions about the cloud
  • How to get started using cloud tools quickly and easily.

Bringing UK government into the cloud” is available now as a handy PDF. There’s no form to fill out; just download the file and start reading. Feel free to send the url directly to clients – or head on over to Microsoft’s Government blog for more great public sector stories to share.

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