XP End of Support? The Facts and Preparing Your Customers

XP The Facts

Support for Windows XP will end on 8 April 2014! What does this mean if customers are running Windows XP?

  • No Software Updates from Windows Update
  • No Security Updates
  • No Security Hotfixes
  • No Free Support Options
  • No Online Technical Content Updates

Raise Awareness of XP End of Support with Your Customers

With little over a month to go, there’s still time to ensure customers are taking action in advance of the end of support for Windows XP and Office 2003.  

Based on a number of queries we have had recently around the resources that are available to help partners, we thought we’d provide a quick summary of what’s available.  You may be using some of these resources already – but perhaps there’s room for a few more……

Windows XP End of Support To Customer Email Template

Personalise and send this email to your customers advising them of the forthcoming End of support and Upgrade reminders they may start seeing if they are running XP.

Windows XP End of Support Press Release

This Press Release includes key messages and an approved Microsoft executive quote that you can use as part of your own marketing efforts to customers still on XP.

Blog Posts and Social Content templates

Personalise and use these two blog posts and social media content via your own channels to communicate urgency for customers to move away from XP and how you can support them.

Newsletter Template

Communicate to your customers the coming end of support for Windows XP wth via this customisable newsletter.

Website message front and centre

Use Microsoft’s Get2Modern animated countdown clock or website banners to generate awareness on your website.

Leverage Get2Modern marketing resources

This campaign features a range of resources you can use to communicate XP End of support available via the Partner Marketing Center 

Keen to make a bigger impact?

Why not offer customers an I.T. makeover consultation and leverage this opportunity to showcase latest technology via webinars or customer events

End of XP Wallet Flyer

Download the Wallet Flyer (Front / Back)

Latest Windows & Office Promotions

Access the latest Windows and Office Promotions which you can offer to help customers upgrade from Windows XP/Office 2003. 

Other Ideas:

Are you providing reminders to customers at relevant points in time?

  • Try adding footnotes to invoices or quotes as a reminder
  • Add Windows XP and Office 2003 End-of-Support message on your answer phone/telephony waiting/hold message.

In addition you can also direct customers to windows.microsoft.com/eos for further information on Why Support for XP is Ending.

Comments (2)

  1. Bob Hyatt says:

    Just FYI – there is a typo in the template letter to customers, Windows is missing a letter s.

  2. Steve says:

    No more Microsoft bugs implemented either.

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