Apps Ideas Board: Crowd-sourcing App Ideas (December 2013)

To bring you the most relevant Apps ideas, we’ve crowd-sourced through our 8,000 strong panel on Café MSN. 

The panel was asked to share ideas on Consumer Apps, Business Apps or improvements that could be made to any existing App. As they shared their own ideas, they also voted on other peoples which gave us a good insight on the most popular ones.

Find below a selection of the popular Business, Consumer App ideas which you are free to develop.  Download our full ‘App Ideas document’ which features below and many more interesting ideas for Apps. 

Crowd Sourced Business App Ideas

Mobile Coverage: An app that warns me if I enter a zone that has no mobile coverage will be really helpful as it is sometimes difficult to stay connected with customers if the mobile network is not responding.

Windows Phone into Windows RT: I'd have a 'Desktop' app that turns my Windows Phone into a Windows RT desktop when docked. I could carry my PC around with me, with all my documents and then come back to the office and simply dock my phone and have my files and everything there as well as my desktop.

Office Secretarial Tasks: I would like to see a good app for office secretarial tasks such as managing the agenda, minutes of the meeting with work groups, as well as assigning of Actions to members and reminders to follow through with them. 

Crowd Sourced Consumer App Ideas

Illness Location Tracker: As you go out and about at some point you might become ill. e.g. Cold/flu/gastro. You input your illness & input locations visited recently (restaurant/aeroplane/gig) or that data collected automatically from the App in the background. The data can correlate with others & give the likely point of origin of illness & can notify authority if gastroenteritis, etc.

Community App: The app could have different subjects that you could discuss with other members of the community with an option to put questions toward the local MP, Councillor, or Mayor. It should also alert you to the latest events, news and weather and the availability should be on all App stores.

Medication App: A medication App since health nowadays is about taking prescribed drugs. I need to take a cocktail of drugs for my health, yet the apps on the market at the moment all fall short of being of any use. They fall short in having a decent reminder alarm, one that you can set up to grab your attention reliably at the time of medication via a ring tone, and be easily set up to do so.

Crowd-Sourced App Improvements

Facebook App: The facebook app for windows phone needs to have the option to share pages/groups to other users and post photos to groups. I think it is not going to be great for business use until this is the case, this is particularly important as Windows Phone is now becoming the phone of choice for business.

Starbucks: Starbucks on Windows Phone – increase the depth of its payment functionality. I can re-load my Starbucks card when I'm waiting in the queue and track the credit with iPhone apps, this depth of functionality doesn't exist in the Windows Phone version.

Notes: Windows Phone has no Notes app that does what Notes in iOS does, ie, link with Outlook Notes in Office365. The excellent Notes app on the iPad automatically picks up the link to Office365 and the two sync perfectly. The App is quick and easy to use. No, OneNote is not the same solution.

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