Award-Winning Partner Solutions: Oxford Computer Group – Accelerating customers toward secure identity management

CIOs have an increasing dilemma. They need to protect information assets while helping employees do their jobs in an increasingly mobile, networked world. Understanding who is able to view which information, and whether it is appropriate for their role, is a complex exercise for large organisations. By meeting this need with its Roles for Access Governance service, Oxford Computer Group (OCG) has won the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Identity and Access Partner of the Year award.

In 2013, OCG celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. It has worked closely with Microsoft since it began, focusing on delivering Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to businesses of all sizes.

IAM is critical to organisations. However, beginning the process requires a complete audit of roles within a business, which creates a significant pain point for companies.

Based on Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 and including other components from the Microsoft technology stack, the Roles for Access Governance service provides a complete picture of companywide roles and access rights. By uncovering what one customer described as “green and slimy things under rocks,” action can be taken to accelerate customers on their IAM journey.

Neil Coughlan, Managing Director at Oxford Computer Group, comments, “Winning this prestigious award is a real seal of approval from Microsoft. It gives us tremendous credibility with our existing customers and other partners, in addition to making it easier to attract new business. It really is one of the best thirtieth birthday presents we’ve received and a testament to the hard work and innovation of our consultants. We’re looking forward to attending the Worldwide Partner Conference in July and collecting our award.”

OCG has invested heavily over the past two years to take advantage of the expanding IAM market, which is being driven by increased regulation and companies moving to the cloud. In addition to developing identity services based on new Microsoft technologies, it is enabling customers to take advantage of the emerging world of on-demand services and devices through new training, IP, and solutions.

Coughlan believes that OCG’s deep partnership with Microsoft is critical to its continued success. “With Microsoft, we receive unrivalled technology investment and support to drive business, which is directly helping our growth. Looking forward, we have ambitious plans to work with Microsoft on new initiatives that align identity with service automation to make the world of the cloud available to our customers. Here’s to the next 30 years!”

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