Worldwide Partner Conference – Big ROI

I’ve attended the last two Worldwide Partner Conferences, and during these I’ve spoken with many partners about their reasons for attending; their initial conference concerns; and whether their attendance did indeed reap the rewards they were looking for.

Sugar Coating

I’m not going to sugar coat it, WPC is an outlay both financially and in terms of your time out of the office. Indeed, when budgets are tight, your manager/boss might need extra persuading that the Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 is a valuable investment.  However, there are a few facts that, if you invest the time in WPC, will ring true!

Fact 1 – You will get a level of practical, focused and exclusive knowledge and insight that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

Fact 2 – You will be able to translate this directly into profitable new skills, services and customer propositions.

Brian Cowie at UK Partner Perspicuity Ltd, sums it up:

“Since WPC, and further investments in our Cloud business, revenues are significantly up and we are seeing a great return.”

Best Connections

With over 600 UK partners in attendance, and over 16,000 worldwide, WPC does provide some unique networking opportunities with the possibility to build alliances. Indeed, speaking to partners last year in Toronto, many said it’s ironic, but they had networked with more UK partners at WPC than they had ever done at events back in the UK!

Alongside the networking, you’ll be among the first to learn about new products; the sales opportunities and see how fellow partners are/have structured their businesses to make money in the areas of cloud, mobility, social, big data and more.

Away From the Office

If you attend the partner conference you aren’t off the grid for 4+ days. You have access to the dedicated UK Lounge with WiFi and ample space to check emails, make calls or complete any other tasks. In short, staying in touch with your colleagues and clients won’t be a problem.

Additionally, the UK hotels generally come with very good connectivity. The two previous WPC hotels I’ve stayed in both had excellent wireless and direct ethernet – and trust me, blogging, making lync calls and uploading video we certainly pushed our connectivity to the max.

In fact, bar the time difference, while in Houston you will be as contactable as you would be in the UK!

I’ll leave you with this (excuse me for not being able to remember the partners name), while speaking to a partner at WPC in Toronto, when I asked why they attend WPC, they simply replied:

‘Because we get a level of insight which enables us to be one step ahead of our competitors.’

Up until the 5 April you can get $200 off WPC registration plus further group discounts.

Check out DigitalWPC for more info.


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