Reduce Costs and Boost Employee Productivity – Welcome to Anywhere Working

We’re running our 2nd Anywhere Working Week in March and are looking for examples showcasing how either you, as a Microsoft Partner, have adopted flexible working or if you have solutions that enable flexible working and workstyles within your customers businesses. If you have a great example it could be used as part of our PR campaign.

Weathering the Storm with Anywhere Working

While commuters can lose personal time and money in their commute, a lack of flexible working can harm businesses as well! In last Winter’s snowstorms, UK businesses lost over £7 billion due to lack of remote working opportunities. Anywhere Working is an initiative that can help you make your business Anywhere Working ready, offering you case studies to sell Anywhere Working internally, helping you put in place the latest flexible working best practices, and offering incentives and giveaways to your workers who join the programme.

Get Exposure For Your Business

If you have great example of anywhere working please email us ( – as explained above, we may end up using this for our forthcoming PR campaign so a great opportunity to get some exposure for both your business and/or your customers businesses.

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