Microsoft Engage Roadshows – Learn About Microsoft Enterprise Social Solutions (Yammer and SharePoint)

Social Networking technologies have evolved from tools used by people to maintain personal connections, to solutions used by employees to share ideas; nonetheless, most organisations have yet to define a comprehensive roadmap for using these technologies as solutions i.e. breaking down organisational silos and helping to increase innovation.

Microsoft UK will be hosting four “Microsoft Engage” events, in Edinburgh, London, Manchester and Birmingham. Through presentations, hands-on demonstrations and discussions with Microsoft subject matter experts, the “Microsoft Engage” event offers you a unique opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social and discuss the implications to your own organisation.

Why Attend?

This is both ideal for Microsoft partners and customers. Perfect opportunity to learn about our vision for enterprises using Yammer and SharePoint as Enterprise Social Solutions to transform the way people work.


During this half-day event, Microsoft speakers will discuss topics such as:

  • Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social
  • The business value of Enterprise Social solutions
  • Keys to implementing a successful roadmap

Register now:

Jan 4th – Birmingham

Jan 14th – Manchester

Jan 24th – London

Feb 13th – Edinburgh

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