Hello World…..Welcome to the UK Microsoft Partner Network Blog

So you maybe thinking “A blog, why are you creating another place for me to visit?” Well, over the last six months we’ve found the need, and many of partners have requested us, to provide more detail around various partner network topics whether that encompasses competencies, training, offers, promotions, events, product launches or general channel insight. 

The content in this blog aims to complement the information already available on the Partner Portal and Partner Marketing Center – plugging any information gaps; where appropriate consolidating content to make your lives easier, alongside providing greater insight and access into the UK Partner Network Team.

We’ll have contributions from the UK partner network team and Microsoft Executives, but we’ll also be looking for partner contributors to share experiences, best practise, views and opinion.

Stay tuned for more detail via RSS, @mspartnersuk on Twitter, LinkedIn and the Monthly MPN Newsletters.

Thx, Alex

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  1. Chris Wright says:

    Hi Alex, it will be good to see what content appears on here over the coming months. I just wrote a piece looking at the 10 questions a client should ask a partner to see if they would be a good fit.. check it out <a href="http://www.partnerpulse.co/…/&quot; >here</a>. Picking a Microsoft partner to work with is a big task, and I thought these question might help some people in the process.