Authoring in System Center 2012 Operations Manager

I’ve been pretty silent here on the blog in the last few weeks as I was heads down in getting through various milestones.  As we are starting to get some interesting things out there into the public though, I wanted to give everyone some updates on what we’re working on and also to do some…


New Module Documentation

In our documentation for authoring Operations Manager management packs, we regularly reference the Management Pack Development Kit, mainly the Module Type Reference that includes reference documentation for the modules that are included in the standard Operations Manager 2007 R2 libraries.   Once you know how to build a custom discovery, monitor, or rule in a management…


Custom Monitoring for Windows Azure Management Pack

The Windows Azure Application Monitoring Management Pack allows you to specify an application running in Windows Azure and have it automatically discovered and monitored.  Creating custom monitoring for particular events or performance monitors beyond those included in the management pack is different than creating this type of custom monitoring for other kinds of applications.  I…


Sealing a Management Pack

We have a had a variety of comments about our lack of guidance on using MPSeal to seal a management pack.  I admit that we had pretty sparse information out there so the negative comments were well justified.  I just put up a new topic that should fill in the missing information.


Blog Plug – Monitoring Azure

I wanted to make a plug for a blog run by one of our application development consultants.  Walter Myers is a Principal Consultant with MCS and has been doing a significant amount of work with the Azure Management Pack.  He has some great blog entries on configuring the MP in addition to customizing it.  Plenty…


Designing Managed Applications Whitepaper

In my session at MMS a month or so ago, I mentioned a whitepaper that was been written by our product group on designing managed applications.  I am please to announce that this paper is now available for download (either Word or PDF depending on your particular preference). I got several requests for this paper…


Cloud Search for Management Pack Authoring

One of the real challenges that we have had in the world of MP Authoring is people locating technical information that they’re looking for.  I’ve run into several situations where people have asked me a question that is answered in some article that they just weren’t able to locate.  Of course, we know that there…


Sample Management Pack Specification Available

Sample management pack specification now available in the OpsManJam Management Pack Library.  To everyone who attended my session at MMS 2011 last week, sorry for the delay on this one.  This is the document that I showed during that session and promised to make available publically. The document introduces a completely fictional application (similar to…


Discovery Series Part 4 – Discovery Scripts

The next video in the Operations Manager R2 Discovery Series is now available.  This one is on Script Discoveries and is one of the primary ones that I wanted to get to.  We have several script examples in the OpsManJam MP Library, and we scripts pretty well documented in the MP Authoring Guide.  We didn’t…