OM12 Dashboards

Brad Anderson put out a blog post a few weeks ago talking about dashboards in System Center 2012 Operations Manager.  Of course, the obvious question is how you can create dashboards in your own management packs.  We did some post some walkthroughs in the Presentation section of the MP Authoring Guide, but we didn’t have any proper documentation that gave the concepts of how dashboards are composed and how you can implement interesting features.

I am happy to report that I have put out an initial set of documentation on Dashboards and a sample management pack that illustrates several critical concepts.  This sample is full of comments that should explain the configuration of the included components and how we are achieving particular functionality.  It includes several of the most common components and illustrates concepts such as passing data between components and displaying the details of an object.

There is definitely still more information to put out there.  The primary thing we’re missing is a reference of the different components and their properties.  That’s something that I’m working on now.  In the meantime, this content should provide a huge start.

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