MMS 2013

It’s that time of year again!  I know it’s April when my days start getting filled up with slides and demos.  Yet another Microsoft Management Summit is upon us, and I’ll be flying off to Vegas this weekend.

A little bit different for me personally this year as I’m not doing a breakout session for the first time in ten years.  Instead, I’ll be delivering an instructor led lab on Visio Management Pack Designer.  Doing the session three times on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday so there should be plenty of space for people to attend.  I’ll also be participating in a session on Thursday with Marcin Jastrzebski and Daniele Muscetta that includes new Azure monitoring and a good demo of Visual Studio Authoring Extensions.  Plenty of other outstanding sessions this year including one on custom dashboards, and I’m looking forward to attending several myself.

I’ve had requests for another set of sessions like the full day marathons on MP authoring that we delivered at MMS a couple of years ago.  I’m actually in the process of updating those materials and am going to get them recorded this summer.  Those will go online so we can finally have them available for everyone.

I have some free time during the conference if anyone wants to talk about management pack challenges that you're trying to solve.  I’ll be in the Expo most of Wednesday.  Or just send me a message, and let’s work out another time to meet.  Special bonus if we can work out a discussion over pints of Guinness!

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  1. Brian Klein says:

    The VSAE at first to me was bleh … Then when I actually dug into it I am pretty much in awe at home effective it is for building out MPs.  Definitely and advanced tool, but wow, it works great!  More on it in the future is needed and of course the usual, "Need more SDK documentation!" (though honestly the community and forums are a great resource)

  2. Brian Wren says:

    Tell me more.  What documentation are we missing?

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