MMS Samples Available….Finally!

Took me a bit longer than expected, but I finally got the samples out that I showed at my session at MMS 2012.  There are two sample management packs here.  First is the MPAuthor Stores Sample Management Pack.  That is an update of my Demo.StoreApp management pack that I have used for the last few years as a demonstration of a variety of different authoring concepts.  In fact, if you ever did a training with me, chances are that’s the management pack that we used in the class.  The update adds an Orchestrator element to it with a recovery starting a runbook and other runbooks starting in response to alerts and health state changes.  Those are the exact demos that I showed at MMS.

I’m planning on building on that sample in the future.  Next will be a dashboard or two based on the health state and collected data.  I also want to add other System Center components in there such as Service Manager.

The other sample that I put out is the Orchestrator Runbook Sample Management Pack.  That one discovers and monitors Orchestrator runbooks.  The Stores sample uses a write action module in this one that allows you to start a runbook from a management pack.  All of the magic for that is in scripts that use the Orchestrator web service.

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