Sample Management Pack Specification Available

Sample management pack specification now available in the OpsManJam Management Pack Library.  To everyone who attended my session at MMS 2011 last week, sorry for the delay on this one.  This is the document that I showed during that session and promised to make available publically.

The document introduces a completely fictional application (similar to the application for the StoreApp sample management pack) and then presents a design for a service model and health model that can be used to create an actual management pack. The purpose of this sample is to illustrate a logical approach for analyzing an actual application and stepping through a process for defining its monitoring requirements. The structure of the document can be used as a template for designing a management pack for your own application.

To date, we’ve spent considerably more time on how to build a management pack than on what you should be building.  This sample is a different different approach than the type of content that we usually publish, and I am interested in the response to it.  We are considering investing more time in this type of content and potentially working to define a more formal process for performing a management pack design.  Please let us know what you think about that either in the comments here or in a mail to

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  1. Joe Thompson says:

    Thanks Brian!

    Really enjoyed your session at MMS and was looking forward to seeing this!

  2. Ernie says:

    Hi Brian

    I checked out looks like a great place to pick up some good tips. There was a post their asked for "feed back" i.e. what do you think of OpsManJam and what else would you like to see etc.. I clicked on the link to enter some feed back, was presented with an authorsization dialog box (username password) I cannot login to leave any feebback, and cannot see an option to create an account for users outside or I just wanted to say the How-To videos are grate, I know they take some time to do, but more videos would be on my wish list 🙂 thanks Brian for a great blog


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