Management Pack Basics

Okay, so the name probably doesn’t invoke a lot of excitement for the more advanced crowd, but it was a significant missing piece in our documentation.  The new Management Pack Basics section of the Authoring Guide is now available.  This covers various topics such as the difference between editing tools, effects of sealing a management pack, how variables work, and how versioning works.

We also got the walkthroughs for diagnostics and recoveries into the Health Model section.  This includes an example of creating a recovery that runs after a diagnostic which I’ve had several questions on.

Last section is well underway which will go into Views and Linked Reports.  These require some XML work in the Authoring Console, and we’re going to have some good examples and walkthroughs along those lines.  Current target is to have that section by end of the month so stay tuned.

Comments (2)

  1. Ernie says:

    Hello Brian

    Is the Authoring Guide available in Word or PDF format?

    Thank you


  2. Brian Wren says:

    All of the Operations Manager 2007 R2 documentation is available in the Download Center at:…/details.aspx

    Also have a look at the MP Authoring TechCenter which has links to all of the resources that we have:…/cc671407

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