MP Samples

I put the management packs that I showed in the Advanced Monitoring Scenarios session at MMS last week in the OpsManJam management pack library.  I’m labeling these with MPAuthor as the contributor and created a view to filter just the MPAuthor contributions.

This in no way implies that our contributions are somehow better than the others since there are some great sample MPs up there.  Rather, we want to create a library of sample management packs following the standard format that these use.  These will be small MPs illustrating some distinct monitoring scenario or MP authoring strategy.  Each will have its own target discovered through a special registry key and have a complete description in its management pack properties.

These four samples are only the start.  Our plan is to make regular contributions to the library providing samples for both basic and advanced scenarios.  If you have any requests for scenarios, then please send us a mail at  I’m not saying that we can honor all requests, but we will certainly prioritize our efforts based on feedback.

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