Management Summit 2010

Almost that time of year again – MMS in Las Vegas!  I’m starting to plan out my sessions, and I could use a little input.

I will be doing three sessions on the first day providing an overview of management pack design.  This will be similar to the four part series I did last year although I would like to change some things.  The basic content shouldn’t change much since it’s still intended to be an overview for new management pack authors.  I want to make the sessions valuable though for someone who might have attended last year.  If you made that four part series last year, I could use some ideas on what we might add or change to make this year’s sessions valuable to you.

I’m also doing a session later in the week called Advanced Monitoring Scenarios in Operations Manager 2007.  I’ve already planned on scenarios for monitoring hardware devices, programmatically manipulating event data, and monitoring only during business hours.  I’m questioning though if those are the most valuable ones to illustrate or if someone else has any ideas. 

All of these sessions are recorded for the MMS DVD, and I end up referring people to them over the next several months so I like to take some time really ensuring that we are focusing on the right content.  Appreciate if anyone has any thoughts for me. 

If you are at the conference, find me and say hi.  I always like to talk to fellow MP authors and find out what challenges you’re having and we can help to address them. 

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