New Authoring Guide Section Published

A couple of weeks ago, we published the new version of the Management Pack Authoring Guide which included just the Service Model section.  Yesterday we published the Composition section which has a detailed discussion of how to create custom modules and workflows.  This section has material that has always been quite challenging to teach because of its technical depth.  It gets completely under the covers of management pack authoring without the safety net of wizards and templates.  I’m going to be very anxious to get some feedback on this section to see how its working for people. 

We also published a skeletal structure of the other sections.  These are essentially just the section headings and an introductory paragraph.  The text itself is pretty clear about the sections not being complete yet.   We wanted to get the entire structure in place so everyone would get a good idea of what to expect – and so you don’t to get the false impression that we had just forgotten about some critical topic.  As each section is completed, the full text will replace this summary content.

Health Model is the next section that will be published, and we should be seeing that in the next few weeks.  I’ll make a post here when that’s available.  As always, please give me feedback or questions here, or you can always send a mail to our feedback alias at MOM Documentation Feedback.

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