AppWeek in the Visual C# QA team

I mentioned in one of my posts that we had an AppWeek going on in our team recently. What is an AppWeek for a QA team at Microsoft? It is the “Application Week” when all the QA people in a team get to play “Dev”, pretend they are the developer customer and have fun developing real-life…


Loading debug symbols when remote debugging: native vs managed

I have noticed that a lot of people are confused when it comes to symbol loading while debugging an application on a remote machine. Basically there are three cases: 1. Debugging native code Let’s say you are attaching to a native app running on Machine A from a VS.NET debugger running on Machine B. In…


Customizing the Calendar control in ASP.NET

Recently I had to work on customizing an ASP.NET Calendar control by adding text to the day cells for my team’s AppWeek project. This proved to be not as straight-forward as I thought so here is what I did in case someone else might want to do the same. The best place to modify the…


Having trouble debugging script in VS.NET?

Here is a whitepaper that could help you out:



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