Can’t start debugging in VS 2003 after installing SP1

Some customers are reporting problems with start debugging an application after VS2003 SP1 has been installed. Here is the scenario: You have a managed project open (like, for example, a C# class library) and in the Project Properties, under Configuration Properties | Debugging you have Debug Mode = “Program” and Start Application = <some application…


Debugging server-side script loaded in an ASP page using Visual Studio 2005

If you are using Visual Studio 2005 and you are an ASP developer, you will notice that the debugging experience is different from the previous VS versions. Basically VS 2005 doesn’t offer the same level of support for legacy ASP debugging as the previous versions and this is because it is mostly targeted towards the…


AppWeek in the Visual C# QA team

I mentioned in one of my posts that we had an AppWeek going on in our team recently. What is an AppWeek for a QA team at Microsoft? It is the “Application Week” when all the QA people in a team get to play “Dev”, pretend they are the developer customer and have fun developing real-life…


Loading debug symbols when remote debugging: native vs managed

I have noticed that a lot of people are confused when it comes to symbol loading while debugging an application on a remote machine. Basically there are three cases: 1. Debugging native code Let’s say you are attaching to a native app running on Machine A from a VS.NET debugger running on Machine B. In…


Customizing the Calendar control in ASP.NET

Recently I had to work on customizing an ASP.NET Calendar control by adding text to the day cells for my team’s AppWeek project. This proved to be not as straight-forward as I thought so here is what I did in case someone else might want to do the same. The best place to modify the…


Having trouble debugging script in VS.NET?

Here is a whitepaper that could help you out:



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