Looking for feedback on Operations Manager and Advisor

The Operations Manager/Advisor product group is looking for feedback from customers who are currently using both Operations Manager and Advisor or are thinking about using Operations Manager and Advisor. To provide feedback follow this link to the survey – https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K7FWHWW Thanks… Read more

Join us at TechEd 2014 to see how we are changing your Operational Investigation experience for the better. #DCIM-B369

We have an exciting new session (DCIM-B369 Extending Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager) at TechEd 2014 this year where we will show you how the brand 'new' Advisor capabilities we have added will change the way you investigate Operational issues. This will be the first time we will be showcasing this functionality and we hope… Read more

OpsMgr 2012 SP1 User Experience Issues Resolved with UPDATE ROLLUP 2

With the latest update rollup we resolved 2 major user experience issues customers have given us feedback on.   1. Hostname\Display Name in “Object by Performance” widget is empty I am happy to announce that we addressed the issue where the display name in Object By Performance widget was never returned. I showed that we… Read more

Operations Manager 2012 Dashboards – The Alert Widget

In a previous post, my co-worker Chris showed off our new Performance Widget and detailed how to configure it. Continuing with our series of post on Dashboards and Widgets in System Center Operations Manager 2012, today I plan on focusing on configuring the new Alert Widget. (Like the last performance widget post, this post assumes that you… Read more

Operations Manager 2012 Dashboards – The Performance Widget

In a previous post my friend and co-worker Dale introduced the new Dashboard capability in System Center Operations Manager 2012. He showed a screenshot of a dashboard containing a Performance Widget, but now I want to show you how to configure your own Performance Widget. First however, I have some great news for you. The… Read more

Introducing Operations Manager 2012 Dashboards

As you’ve likely seen or heard, System Center Operations Manager 2012 contains significant enhancements in the ability to display data through the use of its new dashboard technologies.  This post is the first in a series of dashboard-related posts introducing these new abilities. Why did we decide to invest in Dashboards?  We heard that customers… Read more

OpsMgr PowerShell Survey

Operations Manager 2007 was one of the first products from Microsoft to ship with PowerShell capabilities out of the box.  The Operations Manager Command Shell, which is an optional component of the UI installation, includes a snap-in containing 80+ OpsMgr specific cmdlets and a navigational provider which lets users traverse through the OM instance space like… Read more

grayed out healthy agent icon

Recently we have been receiving some questions on the meaning of the ‘grayed-out, Healthy’ agent status icon (see picture below). You will see this in the Monitoring space in the Computers view and the Discovered Inventory view and the Operations Manager ==> Agent ==> Agent Health State view.  In short, the grayed-out icon means that the health… Read more

Edit Company Knowledge prerequisites

Company Knowledge is used to capture the steps required to resolve an alert in your OpsMgr installation.  When paired with the Product knowledge (which provides you with the application developers knowledge on the causes and suggested resolution steps for an alert), the two will help any operator with the best steps to take to resolve an… Read more

Getting headaches trying to figure out why you are seeing the ‘Not Monitored’ state for Management Servers or Agents?

Every week I see one customer running into an issue where they either see the management servers or agents showing up as not monitored. While there a number of reasons why these roles may show up as being ‘not monitored’ I wanted to list out a couple of things to check to help you figure… Read more