KB: Unable to see any performance or availability details using System Center 2012 Operations Manager widgets

Here’s a new Knowledge Base article we published. This one talks about an issue where you may be unable to see any performance or availability details using System Center 2012 Operations Manager widgets ===== Symptoms When using performance widgets in System Center 2012 Operations Manager (OpsMgr), you may experience one or more of the following… Read more

Operations Manager 2012 Sizing Helper Tool

The OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper is an interactive document designed to assist you with planning & sizing deployments of System Center 2012 Operations Manager. It helps you plan the correct amount of infrastructure needed for a new OpsMgr 2012 deployment, removing the uncertainties in making IT hardware purchases and optimizes cost. A typical recommendation will… Read more

Microsoft acquires AVIcode, Inc.

Today, Microsoft announced its acquisition of AVIcode, Inc.  Read the official blog here. We hope that the rest of the Operations Manager community is as excited as we are about the enhanced capabilities that the AVIcode technologies bring to Systems Monitoring, including not only .Net application monitoring, as well as rich performance metrics: In addition,… Read more

Unit Monitors for Multi-Instance Perfmon Counters

It’s not uncommon to want to monitor a perfmon counter like Logical Disk\% Free Space where there are multiple instances and you only want to be alerted if one instance goes below the threshold.  Authors will typically try to do this through the UI building a monitor such as: You set the threshold, set the… Read more

Slow tab expansion in Ops Mgr Powershell V2 console

I am a big Powershell fan, and I use the Powershell console regularly.  Depending on what I’m taking care of at the time, I might be using the plain vanilla console or I might be using the Operations Manager snapin to work with the latest builds of our product.  In both contexts, I find that… Read more

Case study: Fixing a discovery…

Discoveries are a critical part of management packs. Ideally the discovery should discover the objects and their properties accurately, as soon as possible and with the least amount of performance hit.   In this post I shall discuss a scenario where we had the following problems: 1)      The right information was not discovered (accuracy problem)… Read more