Get Fast + Easy Support with OMS

by Lisa Guthrie – Microsoft Support Engineering If you’ve ever called Microsoft Support to work on an issue on one of your servers, you probably had to send some sort of data to the support professional working your case. Perhaps some event logs, web server logs, a list of patches installed… the list goes on… Read more

New Active Directory Assessment Intelligence Pack in Azure Operational Insights!

[NOTE -  Operational Insights is now a part of Operations Management Suite. Learn more at ] Thank you for being patient! The Active Directory Assessment Intelligence Pack is now available. Designed to assess the risk and health of AD environments on premises, in the cloud or hybrid, it will scan weekly, and present information… Read more

New SQL Server Assessment Intelligence Pack in Operational Insights!

[Edited October 28th 2014 – System Center Advisor is now a part of the new Microsoft Azure Operational Insights – Click to learn more] With all the buzz about our new OpInsights Preview features, many people have been asking questions on the feedback forum with regards to the original Advisor ‘Configuration Assessment’ scenario and what… Read more