Updated momclean Reskit tool for OM2007R2

  I noticed on the forums someone was having trouble using this with the R2 release.  Here is an updated version of the momclean tool to use for uninstalling OM2007R2 when traditional methods have failed.  Note: None of the command line parameters have changed.  All that has been updated it the product GUIDs the tool… Read more

Slow tab expansion in Ops Mgr Powershell V2 console

I am a big Powershell fan, and I use the Powershell console regularly.  Depending on what I’m taking care of at the time, I might be using the plain vanilla console or I might be using the Operations Manager snapin to work with the latest builds of our product.  In both contexts, I find that… Read more

OpsMgr PowerShell Survey

Operations Manager 2007 was one of the first products from Microsoft to ship with PowerShell capabilities out of the box.  The Operations Manager Command Shell, which is an optional component of the UI installation, includes a snap-in containing 80+ OpsMgr specific cmdlets and a navigational provider which lets users traverse through the OM instance space like… Read more

Windows Agent Install MSI Use Cases and Commands

Recently, I have had a bunch for requests for more detail on installing a Windows Agent or upgrading a Agent from the command line.  So here you go!!  Use Case Command Fresh Install and set specific action account msiexec.exe /i \\path\Directory\MOMAgent.msi /qn /l*v %temp%\MOMAgentinstall.log  USE_SETTINGS_FROM_AD=0 MANAGEMENT_GROUP=<MG_Name> MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=<MSDNSName> ACTIONS_USE_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT=0 ACTIONSUSER=<AccountUser> ACTIONSDOMAIN=<AccountDomain> ACTIONSPASSWORD=<AccountPassword> USE_MANUALLY_SPECIFIED_SETTINGS=1 SET_ACTIONS_ACCOUNT=1 Fresh Install… Read more

Using SiteName when deploying gateways to help manage alerts

When deploying the Operations Manager gateway role you can tag the gateway with a Site name.   Any alerts coming from an agent reporting to this gateway will now have it’s “Site” property populated with the site name you configured when deploying the gateway.  This can be really handy for building specific alert views and sending… Read more

Console Task Execution with Flexibility

We may run into a situation where we want to execute a console task within OpsMgr based on some condition, like if a file exists, run it otherwise execute another file. Without the If-condition which is not supported by the <Task>, how can we achieve that? Well there is a workaround. Command line has an IF command… Read more