AEM ADMX File for OpsMgr 2007 R2

Given that there have been requests to support an ADMX format group policy file for Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) I generated an unofficial one that the community can use for now. The ADMX file provided here has gone through very limited testing so please feel free to file any bugs in the comments section below…. Read more

How to link multiple Gateway Servers together?

Overview: In Operations Manager, the Gateway server role is primary used for monitoring servers outside the Root Management Servers trusted Domain boundary.  Another popular  use of the Gateway role is for performance improvements by placing gateways in sites with poor network connectivity.  Sometimes it is necessary to “chain” multiple gateways together to get monitor across… Read more

OpsMgr 2007 R2 now offically supports Windows Embedded

Operations Manager 2007 R2 now officially supports the agent on Windows Embedded Standard 2009. You can download the latest “System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Agent Prerequisites Macro for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (x86) – (English)”, is now live on subscriber downloads. You can download it at:   Overview With the OpsMgr 2007 R2 Agent, you can… Read more

New Beta AEMDEM Reports

As part of OpsMgr 2007 R2 and Desktop Error Monitoring 3.5 (DEM) we will be releasing four new AEM reports later this month. The 4 new reports are: –          Top Blue Screen Computers –          Top Blue Screen Computers by User –          Top Crashing Applications by User –          Top Crashing Applications by Computer   If you… Read more

Windows Agent Install MSI Use Cases and Commands

Recently, I have had a bunch for requests for more detail on installing a Windows Agent or upgrading a Agent from the command line.  So here you go!!  Use Case Command Fresh Install and set specific action account msiexec.exe /i \\path\Directory\MOMAgent.msi /qn /l*v %temp%\MOMAgentinstall.log  USE_SETTINGS_FROM_AD=0 MANAGEMENT_GROUP=<MG_Name> MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=<MSDNSName> ACTIONS_USE_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT=0 ACTIONSUSER=<AccountUser> ACTIONSDOMAIN=<AccountDomain> ACTIONSPASSWORD=<AccountPassword> USE_MANUALLY_SPECIFIED_SETTINGS=1 SET_ACTIONS_ACCOUNT=1 Fresh Install… Read more

Troubleshooting Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) and Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM) features

Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM) of System Center Operations Manager and System Center Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM) are identical features with the only difference being that AEM is shipped with Operations Manager 2007 and DEM is shipped with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) SKU’s.  These features leverage the Microsoft Error Reporting (formerly known as Dr. Watson)… Read more

Monitoring at Microsoft with Operations Manager

Have you ever wondered how Microsoft monitors its internal server infrastructure? For instance, what products are we using, how are using them and what challenges have we faced when scaling these products in our environment? Hopefully we can shed some light on these topics and in the process provide you with some information that can… Read more