Alerts in SCOM from Azure Application Insights with Azure Management Pack

To bring Alerts/Performance data from Azure to SCOM, Azure Management pack can be used. Azure Management Pack guide talks in detail about the Azure Management Pack capabilities. Please refer that more details. This blog will talk about how we can see the Alerts for Application Insights Availability Tests in SCOM console. Let’s start.   Install… Read more

Need help tracking KPIs? Need a Scorecard to show your Boss?

We are starting development on a Scorecard\KPI tracking service which will enable you to set thresholds, organize, visualize and share KPIs to constantly improve the quality of your service. Are you interested in participating in our Alpha? Join here: Satya Vel  … Read more

Windows & Linux Patching Survey

The Operations Management Suite product team wants to hear about your requirements and frustrations with managing Patching/Compliance for Windows & Linux servers. To provide feedback, please follow this link to the survey – Thank you…. Read more

Walkthrough: Managing RHEL on Azure with OMS

Recently we announced the public availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server images in a majority of Microsoft Azure regions. With the capability to deploy a Red Hat supported Virtual Machine in Azure, you may have the question “What else can I do with my Azure Red Hat VM?”. Luckily Azure has a rich marketplace… Read more

System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Azure (Technical Preview) is now available

Hello The technical preview version of Microsoft Azure management pack (version is now available for download at This version of Azure MP is able to monitor any of the Azure ARM based services (since they follow a standardized way of exposing performance metrics). As new ARM services become available the MP is able… Read more

Operations Manager news from Ignite 2015

Last week was the Ignite conference in Chicago, and it was a blast! There was also a lot that happened, so to help you catch up with the key Operations Manager related news from Ignite I’ve pulled together the following summary. Platform Vision & Strategy (6 of 7): What’s New in System Center for Management… Read more

New Active Directory Assessment Intelligence Pack in Azure Operational Insights!

[NOTE -  Operational Insights is now a part of Operations Management Suite. Learn more at ] Thank you for being patient! The Active Directory Assessment Intelligence Pack is now available. Designed to assess the risk and health of AD environments on premises, in the cloud or hybrid, it will scan weekly, and present information… Read more

New Search Autocomplete & Intelligent Filter in Operational Insights!

[NOTE -  Operational Insights is now a part of Operations Management Suite. Learn more at ]   Wish we have more help to leverage Operational Insights' powerful log search capabilities? Well, help is here and it's called Search Autocomplete! Operational Insights can now give us search suggestions and automatically complete our search terms as… Read more

UPDATE: Upcoming URL change for OpsMgr-attach to Azure Operational Insights

IMPORTANT for Azure Operational Insights users is using Operations Manager attach communicating behind proxies or firewalls that only allow specific destinations! This is a reminder of the upcoming change or URLs already communicated earlier in a previous blog post – please note we plan on deploying this change on February 19th 2015. We’d like to… Read more

Have a say on the future of System Center

The System Center leadership team is looking to hear from you on the challenges you face with your Management tools and where you would like to see us invest going forward. We put together a short survey to gather your feedback and an option to join a discussion panel around this topic. We are counting… Read more