Take Control of your MOM 2005 Operator Console Experience with .omc Files

The MOM 2005 Operator Console has a great hidden feature most people don’t know about – .omc files!  A .omc file is a file which stores your personalization settings for the console session.  You can do a File/Save As at any time to start a new .omc file.  From then on, while you have the… Read more

Bypassing the MOM 2005 Installation Prerequisite Checker

There are quite a few situations recently which have come up where you might want to bypass the MOM 2005 installation prerequisite checker.  These include installing MOM 2005 (not SP1) on a Yukon server, installing the MOM UI on Windows Vista, or installing MOM 2005 in a situation where the prerequisite checker does not acurately… Read more

Microsoft IT – Showcase customer of Microsoft Operations Manager

I have been working with Microsoft IT (MSIT) for three years now as the Program Manager liason with various teams within Microsoft IT.  MSIT is a huge organization and there are many different groups within MSIT that are the earliest and most hard core beta testers of MOM out there.  They go big when others… Read more

Automatically Refreshing the Perf View in the MOM console

Quite a few customers have asked ‘Why doesn’t the performance view automatically refresh like the other views in the operator console?”  This is a great question.  There are basically two reasons for this:   1.      The performance view takes quite a bit of processing power on the database to generate.  Having the performance view open… Read more

Welcome and Introduction – Travis Wright

MOM has entered the blogosphere!  I cant wait to see members of the MOM product team and others up here blogging about news, troubleshooting, tips and tricks and getting feedback from you. I’m Travis Wright.  I’ve been working on MOM since I joined Microsoft 3 years ago.  MOM has come a long way since MOM… Read more

Welcome to the MOM Product Team Blog

The MOM Program Managers wanted to have a forum to discuss with the community things that we think are cool. So, week to week you will see posts from different PM’s on the MOM team. We hope that this will facilitate productive discussions with our community about the MOM Product and it’s future. We look… Read more