MOM 2005 SP1 Releases in 5 additional languages

I am pleased to announce that MOM 2005 SP1 Localized into 5 new languages has hit RTM today on schedule.  These additional languages are: Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Italian Korean Spanish This extends the previous release on 7/27/2005 of MOM 2005 SP1 in English, French, German and Japanese, bringing to 9 the total number of… Read more

.NET application monitoring and DSI – MOM and AVIcode Management Pack

Application development and application maintenance are no longer separate. Closing the loop between operations and development is critical for keeping the total cost of operations down. Recently, the AVIcode .NET Operations management pack was released on the MOM Management pack catalog. In this webast, learn how Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and AVIcode Intercept Studio 2.3… Read more

Availability Reporting MP Now Available

At long last – the Availability Reporting MP is now available for download from! The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Availability Reporting Management Pack collects and analyzes data from the event logs of your servers, and generates reports that you can study to improve server availability and reliability. You can identify the causes for planned… Read more

How to install the MOM Connector Framework (MCF), MOM to MOM Product Connector (MMPC) and MOM Web Console silently?

The following command line switches have not been mentioned in the MOM 2005 deployment guide. These switches are for users who would like to install the MOM Connector Framework, MOM to MOM Product Connector and the MOM Web Console silently.   Machine with MOMServer already installed:   Msiexec.exe /i CDdriveMOMServer.msi ADDLOCAL= “MCF, MMPC, MOMWebConsole” DAS_… Read more

Microsoft IT Forum 2005 Coming Up Soon

The Microsoft IT Forum 2005 conference is coming up soon.  The registration site is up and running here: Date:   15-17 November Location:  Barcelona, Spain Registration Cost:   1595 Euros (save 400 Euros on early registration by October 7) Keynote:  Bob Muglia, Senior VP, Windows Server Division   P.S.  Check out a cheezy picture of me on page… Read more

Steve Ballmer Mentions MOM 2005 Workgroup Edition in Exec Mail

Once a month Steve Ballmer sends an exec email to subscribers.  These emails usually talk about Microsoft’s vision/strategy in certain areas.  In this month’s installment, Steve discusses Microsoft’s strategy to meet the unique business and IT needs of the “mid-market” (defined as 25-500 PCs, ~1,000 employees, 1-15 servers, etc).  Steve mentions Microsoft Operations Manager 2005… Read more

The Microsoft Product Cycle

Ian Blyth (Technical Sales – UK) made a great post on his blog about the Microsoft product cycle.  It explains the process that is used by product teams at Microsoft to plan, build, test, and release the products we work on. Check it out here:!1p0-3FdNn2x1K-q_WMcbBwlg!119.entry This is exactly the process that we used for… Read more

How to change agent control level = Full to None for pre-existing MOM 2005/SP1 agents?

The following things need to be done in order to change Agent Control Level from Full to None.   Stop the MOM service on the MOM Management Server managing the particular agent whose control level needs to be changed. Open the Admin Console Select the All Computer node choose the Management Server and open the… Read more

New AVICode.Net MP Available

Check out this new MP!  Really powerful application management capabilities.  Here is the overview: Overview Targeted to systems operators responsible for monitoring system health, AVIcode’s .NET management pack operations edition for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 provides a consolidated view of all applications featuring simple health status indicators within MOM 2005 Operator Console. It also provides… Read more