How can you tell what version of MOM you have installed and how can you tell how many days are left in the MOM 2005 Eval version?

You can tell what version of Operations Manager 2005 you have by going into the registry and looking under HKLMMicrosoftMicrosoft Operations Manager2.0SetupInstalledServerSKU.  It will say “Eval” for the evaluation version, “Select” or “Retail” for the licensed versions.   You can tell when Operations Manager 2005 Eval version is going to expire by going into the… Read more

How does MOM 2005 Eval to licensed version upgrade work?

You must have the MOM 2005 RTM version of Eval to upgrade to MOM 2005 RTM Licensed Version. 1)       The upgrade from the evaluation version of MOM 2005 can be performed after the evaluation version has expired. 2)       You must then run the MOM 2005 licensed version (MOMServer.msi) on the server that has the MOM… Read more

Creating a read-only MOM Operator Console

A question that I hear frequently is “How do I create a read-only Operator Console”? The MOM security groups are ‘MOM User’, ‘MOM Author’, and ‘MOM Administrator’.  Unfortunately, there is no ‘MOM Read-only User’ security group.  This means that there is no possibility of creating a completely secure read-only user profile.  The Operator Console does… Read more

MSDN Magazine MOM Article

MSDN Magazine has a great article on how to write a manageable application and then montoring it with MOM, entitled Instrument and Monitor Your ASP.NET Apps Using WMI and MOM 2005. This really gets to much of the core of DSI which starts wtih designing applications with management in mind and then developing a feedback mechanism… Read more

Securing MOM

Many customers are interested in best practices for securing their MOM 2005 deployment. Beyond the documentation we provide (see the MOM Security Center as part of the MOM 2005 Admin consoleInformation Center) here are a couple more tips: Use Security Configuration Wizard. This is a great tool to lock down servers that comes as part of Windows Server… Read more

MOM 2005 SP1 Dependency on Windows Installer (MSI 3.1v2)

Here is some background that led to the decision to take this dependency on Windows Installer (MSI) 3.1v2 in MOM 2005 Service Pack 1.  I completely understand how this dependency may complicate or delay your deployment of MOM 2005 SP1 particularly in highly locked down environments. The primary reason for taking this dependency is that… Read more

Final MOM 2005 Sizer Available Now!

The MOM 2005 Sizer tool is finally available.  This is the final version that is officially released to the public.  The MOM 2005 sizer helps you predict the hardware requirements for your MOM deployment based on the number of computers that you will be managing.  It can also predict the network utilization. This tool is… Read more

Setting the Default Email Notification Format

It is not possible to configure the default email notification format through the administrator console.  It is possible to edit the global page and command format but not the email format.  Many people ask how they change the default email format at a global level.  The only way to do this is to use an… Read more

Take Control of your MOM 2005 Operator Console Experience with .omc Files

The MOM 2005 Operator Console has a great hidden feature most people don’t know about – .omc files!  A .omc file is a file which stores your personalization settings for the console session.  You can do a File/Save As at any time to start a new .omc file.  From then on, while you have the… Read more

Bypassing the MOM 2005 Installation Prerequisite Checker

There are quite a few situations recently which have come up where you might want to bypass the MOM 2005 installation prerequisite checker.  These include installing MOM 2005 (not SP1) on a Yukon server, installing the MOM UI on Windows Vista, or installing MOM 2005 in a situation where the prerequisite checker does not acurately… Read more