Actionable Alerts for Web applications in Operations Manager 2007

With Operations Manager 2007, monitoring of Web based applications using a synthetic transaction approach was much easier with the inclusion of Web application monitoring template. This replaced the Web sites and services Management Pack in MOM 2005 and leveraged the benefits of the model based approach and state-centric monitoring available in OpsMgr.  One of the… Read more

How to Delete an Operations Manager 2007 Managed Object from a Management Group using PowerShell (Updated PS script which works on PowerShell V2 and above)

(Updated PS script below which works on PowerShell V2 and above) We have had some customers ask us if there is a way to remove an agent managed computer using PowerShell from OpsMgr 2007 after the agent managed computer has been turned off. The scenario is that the machine that has an agent installed on… Read more

Obtaining Certificates for Non-Domain Joined Agents Made Easy With Certificate Generation Wizard

  We have created a new UI tool to make obtaining mass certificates easy.   Here at OpsMgr, we understand the pain that you have to go through to configure certificate authentication to deploy non-domain joined agents.  There are many things we’ve provided for you to make obtaining certificates easier.  However, we know we’re far from getting to that… Read more

MPViewer Library Extraction of management packs

The OpsManJam site has added a MPViewer dump folder in the library.  While we are just starting out, what you will find here are MPViewer (thanks Boris) extractions of all the Microsoft published management packs as HTML pages.  You can use this as a reference for what is in management packs.  We will be updating… Read more

Console Task Execution with Flexibility

We may run into a situation where we want to execute a console task within OpsMgr based on some condition, like if a file exists, run it otherwise execute another file. Without the If-condition which is not supported by the <Task>, how can we achieve that? Well there is a workaround. Command line has an IF command… Read more

Infrastructure Planning Guide for OpsMgr 2007 SP1

A few of us have been working with the Solutions Accelerator team and Pete Zerger to come up with an Infrastructure Planning Guide for OpsMgr 2007 which got published a couple of weeks ago. This document will lead readers through a sequence of core decision points to design an infrastructure for OpsMgr 2007. It also provides… Read more

Editing exported custom MPs in the authoring console

Hi all – Today’s tip comes from Robb Dilallo, via Tim Kremer. Robb found that it was frustrating to try to edit an exported custom management pack because he couldn’t access the sealed, dependent management pack. He shared the following steps to create a “management pack development environment”: On the RMS, do a search for *.mp… Read more

Additional Resource, OpsManJam site is live

Hi all – An additional resource for Operations Manager 2007 MP Authors and IT Pro’s is now live at OpsManJam. This site, sponsored by Microsoft, focuses on MP Authoring best practices and tutorials. There is deployment and administration content for the IT Pro, too.  You can download content such as management packs, featured articles and command shell scripts… Read more

grayed out healthy agent icon

Recently we have been receiving some questions on the meaning of the ‘grayed-out, Healthy’ agent status icon (see picture below). You will see this in the Monitoring space in the Computers view and the Discovered Inventory view and the Operations Manager ==> Agent ==> Agent Health State view.  In short, the grayed-out icon means that the health… Read more

You may need to update the agent restart threshold on Exchange 2007 Servers Managed by Operations Manager 2007

The Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack tracks memory usage of the MonitoringHost.exe process via the private bytes counter.  By default, the agent will be automatically restarted if memory usage for MonitoringHost.exe is above 100MB. On large Exchange 2007 systems, this threshold may be too low. The recommended threshold is 600MB.   This is why: On… Read more