How to revert to a previous version of a Microsoft Operations Manager Management Pack

~ Chandra Bose | Senior Software Engineer There are times when you may want to revert back to older version of a Management Pack (MP) for a given workload. Currently, the Operations Manager UI allows you to delete and re-import Management Packs from the “Installed Management Packs” screen, however there can be issues when there… Read more

Essential documentation and resources for Microsoft System Center 2016 Operations Manager

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest in System Center 2016 Operations Manager so I thought I’d take a minute and share a few resources that should help you get started on the right track. This isn’t a comprehensive list but they’re some of the resources that I’ve found most helpful. Whether you’re just starting… Read more

Open Survey – Tell us about your latest and greatest IT monitoring/ analytics asks

We at Microsoft are committed towards understanding and solving the problems of our customers. Your response to this survey will aid us in that endeavor. With your inputs we will be able to make the required improvements to Microsoft’s IT Operations Management solutions (such as SCOM, OMS, etc.), this will help us serve you better…. Read more

Improvements to Scheduling of Maintenance Mode (Client side via agent, and accessibility to operators via monitoring pane)

Before initiating the maintenance of IT infrastructure elements, one would want to initiate Maintenance Mode to suppress monitoring of infrastructure elements undergoing maintenance. This will prevent the monitoring tool from generating alerts and events pertaining to these elements, while they are under maintenance. Schedule Maintenance Mode feature (listed in Administration Workspace, earlier) allowed users to… Read more

System Center Operations Manager – Extensible Network Monitoring

Until System Center 2012 Operations Manager R2, you could get only basic monitoring for your network devices, such as “Availability Monitoring” and “Port/Interface Monitoring”. To get Extended Monitoring for your network devices, you had to work with Microsoft to get your devices supported in Operations Manager. This extended monitoring capability was limited to only processor… Read more

Improved UI responsiveness for System Center 2016 Operations Manager

Performance improvements have been made to State views and Diagram views in the System Center 2016 Operations Manager console to increase responsiveness. You will now see the following improvements: State view is optimized to load efficiently Diagram view is optimized to load efficiently These improvements will be more visible in an environment where the load… Read more

HTML based Web Console

We have received feedback from customers like you to have an HTML-based web console and not Silverlight-based. We are happy to announce that we have transitioned to an HTML-based web console, with the exception of the dashboards views. Dashboard views today are still Silverlight-based, but we will continue our investments to provide you HTML5-based dashboards… Read more

System Center 2016 Operations Manager – MP Updates and Recommendations (Management Pack Assessment)

System Center Operations Manager users may face the following common challenges during the lifecycle of a Management Pack (MP): Continually reviewing the ever-changing IT environments (dynamic) for new workloads or updates to old workloads to add or update the requisite MP Understanding which MPs were not installed or imported while setting up monitoring of a… Read more

System Center 2016 Operations Manager – Data Driven Alert Management (Tune Management Packs)

A critical problem that IT Professionals face today is separating critical alerts and non-essential alerts. They are flooded with alerts, many of which do not warrant concern, or should be the center of focus in one scenario or environment and inconsequential in another. Data Driven Alert Management, a new feature of System Center 2016 Operations… Read more

Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager is now available

Just a quick note to let you know that Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager (OpsMgr 2016 UR1) is now available. For all the details regarding UR1for OpsMgr 2016, please see the following: 3190029 – Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager ( J.C. Hornbeck, Solution Asset PMMicrosoft Enterprise Cloud… Read more