Open Survey – Tell us about your latest and greatest IT monitoring/ analytics asks

We at Microsoft are committed towards understanding and solving the problems of our customers. Your response to this survey will aid us in that endeavor. With your inputs we will be able to make the required improvements to Microsoft’s IT Operations Management solutions (such as SCOM, OMS, etc.), this will help us serve you better…. Read more

Introducing WebHook support for OMS Alerts – aka cool integration with Slack and other tools

  Since we released the Alerting Public Preview in December, we’ve seen a fantastic amount of active usage of the feature – and some complex querying to go with it!  It’s been great working with all of you and gathering feedback on what’s been working well, and what needs improvement. We’ve also gotten great help from… Read more

New ways to enable Log Analytics (OMS) on your Azure VMs

Operations Management Suite (OMS) is Microsoft’s simplified cloud-based IT management solution providing Log Analytics, Automation, VM Backup & Site Recovery, and Security & Compliance across any of your on-premises and public cloud environments. We are excited to announce new integration in the Azure portal with Log Analytics (OMS) allowing you to gain insights even faster…. Read more