Open Survey – Tell us about your latest and greatest IT monitoring/ analytics asks

We at Microsoft are committed towards understanding and solving the problems of our customers. Your response to this survey will aid us in that endeavor. With your inputs we will be able to make the required improvements to Microsoft’s IT Operations Management solutions (such as SCOM, OMS, etc.), this will help us serve you better…. Read more

Windows & Linux Patching Survey

The Operations Management Suite product team wants to hear about your requirements and frustrations with managing Patching/Compliance for Windows & Linux servers. To provide feedback, please follow this link to the survey – Thank you…. Read more

What new workloads would you like SCOM 2016 to monitor?

Many of you have already assisted in our efforts to learn about your monitoring problems and we appreciate your insights tremendously! I’m back with another opportunity to provide feedback to Microsoft about new server workloads you would like to see SCOM monitoring in the future. SCOM offers management packs for almost all Microsoft server workloads… Read more