Schedule Maintenance Mode Reskit Tool Info

  I have a quick update on the Schedule Maintenance Mode RESKIT Tool, also some information \ best practices. Best Practices: Do not go beyond 20 Jobs scheduled.  Anything over this will start to place too much load on your Root Management Server Do not schedule more then 20 items in one Job.  If you… Read more

System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Admin ResKit Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Administration Resource Kit. The System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Administration Resource Kit includes three tools designed to help improve the Operations Manager Administrator experience. Included: Schedule Maintenance Mode, Clean mom and MP Event Analyzer .   Feature Summary The… Read more

System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 now supports SQL Server 2008 SP2

Quick heads up! The Supported Configurations Statement for OM2007R2 has been updated to support SQL Server 2008 SP2.  We now support the following roles on SQL Server SP2: Operations Manager database Data Warehouse database Audit Collections database Reporting* *Note: When using SQL 2008 Service Pack 2, reports will only run correctly from the Operations Console…. Read more

Updated momclean Reskit tool for OM2007R2

  I noticed on the forums someone was having trouble using this with the R2 release.  Here is an updated version of the momclean tool to use for uninstalling OM2007R2 when traditional methods have failed.  Note: None of the command line parameters have changed.  All that has been updated it the product GUIDs the tool… Read more

OM2007R2 Support for SQL 2008 R2

I am pleased to announce support of SQL 2008 R2 with System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 databases.  Support is divide into two phase so please read KB2425714 for details. Phase 1: Clean install of OM2007R2 on SQL 2008 R2.  Take a look at the KB to get OM2007R2 installed on a SQL 2008 R2… Read more

How to link multiple Gateway Servers together?

Overview: In Operations Manager, the Gateway server role is primary used for monitoring servers outside the Root Management Servers trusted Domain boundary.  Another popular  use of the Gateway role is for performance improvements by placing gateways in sites with poor network connectivity.  Sometimes it is necessary to “chain” multiple gateways together to get monitor across… Read more

Windows Agent Install MSI Use Cases and Commands

Recently, I have had a bunch for requests for more detail on installing a Windows Agent or upgrading a Agent from the command line.  So here you go!!  Use Case Command Fresh Install and set specific action account msiexec.exe /i \\path\Directory\MOMAgent.msi /qn /l*v %temp%\MOMAgentinstall.log  USE_SETTINGS_FROM_AD=0 MANAGEMENT_GROUP=<MG_Name> MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=<MSDNSName> ACTIONS_USE_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT=0 ACTIONSUSER=<AccountUser> ACTIONSDOMAIN=<AccountDomain> ACTIONSPASSWORD=<AccountPassword> USE_MANUALLY_SPECIFIED_SETTINGS=1 SET_ACTIONS_ACCOUNT=1 Fresh Install… Read more

New R2 Deployment Complex Scenarios (Adding Clustered RMS and Upgrading to SQL 2008)

In OM2007R2, we have introduced two new complex deployment scenarios we did not support in OM2007SP1.  I am going to take a few minutes here and outline the new scenarios and procedures.  Adding Clustered RMS to an Existing Deployment In OM2007SP1, clustering a Root Management Server (RMS) was only supported during the initial deployment of… Read more

What’s new in R2 Deployment and Upgrade

<Update> I have include information on how to upgrade from R2 RC to R2 RTM.  Not much has changed when upgrading from Operations Manager 2007 SP1 to R2 or deploying a fresh installation of Operations Manager 2007 R2.  However, I do want to take the opportunity to point out few of the changes. Changes to supported… Read more

Notification Test Tool

The Notifications Test Tool is a simple tool you can use to test your notification channels and subscriptions.  This tool can be used to test email (SMTP), Instant Message (IM) or Text message (SMS) channels.  Also, you can use this to generate a test alert in OpsMgr to test subscriptions.    Install Instructions:   Download… Read more