Slow tab expansion in Ops Mgr Powershell V2 console

I am a big Powershell fan, and I use the Powershell console regularly.  Depending on what I’m taking care of at the time, I might be using the plain vanilla console or I might be using the Operations Manager snapin to work with the latest builds of our product.  In both contexts, I find that… Read more

Troubleshooting OpsMgr 2007 and OpsMgr 2012 certificate issues with PowerShell

The steps for configuring certificates in Operations Manager are numerous and one can easily get them confused. I see posts to the newsgroups and discussion lists regularly trying to troubleshoot why certificate authentication is not working, perhaps for a workgroup machine or gateway. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 messages back and forth before I or anyone… Read more

Obtaining Certificates for Ops Mgr via Command Line or Script

If you are deploying Ops Mgr on machines in untrusted domains or DMZs (anywhere outside of Kerberos trust), then you are going to need to leverage PKI and set up certificates on your boxes in order for authentication to work.  The process of requesting and retrieving the needed certificates can be confusing and painful, often… Read more