PowerShell script to automatically close old alerts in SCOM

The below PowerShell script can be used to automatically close old SCOM alerts. This script looks for active alerts along with the time when alert was created (alert age). If the alert age is greater than the specified number of days ($alertsTobeClosedBefore) then the script will close the alert for you. This script can help clean… Read more

System Center Visual Studio Authoring Extension(VSAE) support for Visual Studio 2017 

Visual Studio Authoring Extension(VSAE) is now updated to be compatible with Visual Studio(VS) 2017. VSAE is the most commonly used authoring extension by the Management Pack(MP) development community. The MP developers want to use it with the latest Visual Studio for the benefits that they get. The new VSAE(version can be downloaded from here…. Read more

Automatic Dependency Mapping with Service Map and Live Maps

The following is a special guest blog from Savision Modern enterprise IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly difficult to manage as the deployment of new services and applications continues to grow.  Applications tend to rely on many other services and applications to function, which often span many server and network components.  In order to fully understand the… Read more

Free PowerShell Monitoring MP

The following is a special guest blog from Squared Up As part of our continuing commitment to the SCOM community we’re excited to announce a new PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack, freely available to the community, available to download from our site and open-sourced via GitHub. Firstly, a big thanks to Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Wei… Read more

System Center 2016 now supports TLS1.2 security protocols

TLS 1.2 is the secure way of communication suggested by Microsoft with best-in class encryption. SSL and early TLS are not considered strong cryptography and cannot be used as a security control. Microsoft has added official support for TLS1.2 security protocols in System Center 2016. This protocol is now supported in the following products System… Read more

Creating a maintenance schedule with more than 216 objects might cause Operations Console to disconnect

When creating a maintenance schedule, selecting more than 216 target objects (these can be any specific entity instances or groups) might result in the Operations Console to disconnect with the following error: “The client has been disconnected from the server. Please call ManagementGroup.Reconnect() to reestablish the connection.” You can use the following alternate option to… Read more

DHCP 2016 and 2012 R2 Management Pack release

We are listening to customers’ requests on User Voice. The issues reported on DHCP MP have been rectified and we have released a new version of the MP. You can download the Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DHCP 2016 here and DHCP 2012 R2 MP here. The MP has below fixes DHCP… Read more

Looking for Operations Manager customers to take a short survey

As System Center gets ready for frequent and continuous releases, – see announcement​ here. We the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) product team would love to hear your inputs on this change. And we would also like to hear from you on other improvements that we should focus on. Please respond to the survey @https://aka.ms/scomsurvey. Your… Read more

Work around for installing SC 2016 OM console and SC 2016 SM console on the same server

Following is the work around for installing SC 2016 OM console and SC 2016 SM console on the same server: Install SC 2016 OM console and then install SC 2016 SM console on the same server Add system environment variable DEVPATH which contains folder path of the Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Core.dll with the value “C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center… Read more

Inbox MP hotfix for WMI health monitor

In SCOM 2016, when the support for Nano was introduced, a regression caused issue in functioning of the WMI health monitor. This issue was hit only when WinRM was configured to use https only The Service Principal Name was registered to set http/servername to a user account The issue has been fixed, the protocol used… Read more